©Turpentine born in April, 10th 2006 by Aenea and is part of the Dragonfly-INN.net. I created this resources site because I'd like very much if other webmasters and artists use my brushes, textures patterns and tuts for their own pieces of art. I love share my experience with them! I know it's strange, but I made the first layout for ©Turpentine after I watched at my father's jacket... It had three colors: brown, dark grey and red. I took my cellphone and I shot a photo. Then I sampled colors with Photoshop... so: the first version born!
In Dicember, 20th 2006 it moved from http://turpentine.dragonfly-inn.net to http://tpe.dragonfly-inn.net (it was a too long name for a link!).


Turpentine is a no profit website dedicated to resources for the graphics software Photoshop (©Adobe). So, use of items you can find here is free. Everybody is authorized to download resources from Turpentine and share them with other users, provided that conditions listed in Resources and Link Back pages are respected.


“I'm simply one of milions Photoshop's lovers. Started in 1998, my passion grown up day after day. First were japan manga (i made my first CG manga in 1999) then was internet and the html. My first layout wasn't so fine, nor my first manga... but they represented the initiation to a specific way of my life. When in 2006 i decided to open a resources website was because i believe in sharing of personal experience. Actually, TPE is going to grow, it's full of resources not yet. But i wish it will. So: thank you everyone who'll support my project.”

The Webmistress
- Aenea


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