August, 15th 2007 - 7.14 PM

So Turpentine is back. And it's dressed up as Acion/Javascript! Many days past since i tried to build up the new layout. And a lot of technical problems carried me away... loading/downloading files from Internet without a fast connection, finding tutorials about Dreamweaver (my love!) or loops. At the end: i won! Finally, i have an organized menu, a slideshow for my brushes, music as background, and an accessorized gallery ;) Yeah!
So let's see waht new in detail.

I added a new category of resources: the PATTERNS! Unfortunately, at the moment it's just an "under construction" area... But i hope i'll complete it as soon as possible. However: galleries of resources have been renewed: now you can watch at a preview for each item (through click on check box at right side) and read more details about.


1 new brush set dedicated to the office objects, the OFFICE SET collection.
2 new textures, on a paper base.

Maybe at he next update i'll make available patterns too. For now, simply stay tuned ;)


i lost inspiration at 9:35 PM
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